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"The Highbury Working: A Beat Seance" (2001) is the third of Alan Moore’s mystical performance poetry monologues to be released on CD. Skeleton Horse is the second track and musically, this is a fabulous head-on collision of SAHB’s Tale Of The Giant Stone Eater and The Associates’ Transport To Central. Animation is by Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker.

An excerpt of Alan Moore reading his spoken word piece,

"Snakes and Ladders - A Diversion for Wet Afternoons."

Music by Tim Perkins

Graphic images designed by StevenErnest


"Right from the start, existence was a worry.
There have always been these long, nail-biting stretches of anxiety. After the fuss and fireball of that first Big Bang, there was no follow-up, just silent blackness lasting for millennia.
The elements of substance were in place, but form would still take time. One flash, then that uncertain pause. The Universe as a substandard firework no-one dare approach. Was that it?

Protracted hush in that vast auditorium. Occasionally a cough of gamma rays. The tense, pre-curtain dark, extended for a thousand thousand centuries. First night nerves there in that first night. The quantum tingle of anticipation.

Nobody knows what to expect at this unprecedented matinee. The author, if there is one, has no track record. The black décor yields no clue as to the drama yet to come, save to suggest it may not be a comedy. What if it’s something difficult and Modern: Samuel Beckett with neutrinos? 

Meanwhile, the racket of existence tuning up.

A rhythm quartet of primeval powers: the weak force; gravity; electromagnetism; the strong force. Four titanic virtuosi, newly born and unrehearsed. There’s no sheet-music, there’s no set-list. Nothing for it now but improv Jazz, although let’s keep it tight. No room for solos.

If the start-conditions of the cosmos should be out by only half a beat, the weak force weaker or the strong force fractionally more butch, then matter will not fix and things will have no glue. No riff, just an undifferentiated background noise.

The long, uneasy silence following the first event extends. The darkness shifts uncomfortably and then, above, just as we’ve given up on them, one at a time, the stars come on.”

"Snakes and Ladders" was originally performed on April 10, 1999, at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, for the Golden Dawn Society. Oratory by Alan Moore; Tim Perkins, music and performance.

The entire reading is approx. 52:40 in length. I excerpted approx 3:00 minutes from Track 2, which is 10:58.

Released on CD in 2002.
CD Published by RE:

Engineered by Angus Wallace

(p) and (c) 2002 Alan Moore & Tim Perkins.
All intellectual property is owned and copyrighted by the creators and publishers.

The artwork on the cover of the CD — which is an amazing two-sided foldout mini-poster — is by
John Coulthart.

He also did the artwork for Moore’s other spoken word CD’s, “Angel Passage” and “The HIghbury Working.”

He’s a great artist, check out his work here:

The Graphic Novel/Comic Book adaptation is by Alan Moore, art by Eddie Campbell.

Published by Eddie Campbell Comics.
Published in 2001.

Eddie Campbell did the art for the massive
"From Hell" graphic novel by Alan Moore.

"The Highbury Working: A Beat Seance" (2001) is the third of Alan Moore’s mystical performance poetry monologues to be released on CD with a supporting soundscape designed by Tim Perkins, focusing his unique method on the Highbury neighborhood, north of central London. 

As psycho-spiritual detective, Moore’s end goal is to perform “voodoo CPR” on Highbury. He begins by creating a working profile of his subject. He probes at Highbury from every possible angle: mystical, forensic, historical, and archeological.

Virgin Comics presents literary icons Deepak Chopra (How to Know God and co-founder of Virgin Comics) and Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman) in a far-ranging…

August 13, 2005. This is part of the Disinfo Weekend Workshop at the Omega Institute in upstate New York.

These next few are from another comics writer - but I also think is my personal vote for one of the most amazing rockstar magic(k)ians of this moment. His Disinfo talk is one that changed some of my thinking - and also makes me want to wee every time I start it because he walks out on stage and SCREAMS. (We could really talk about why he does that - makes perfect sense to me.) I’d have you keep in mind that most of these talks aren’t FOR specifically magic(k)y type people - these are talks to comic book folks and/or interested non-magic(k)y folks. If Seraphon and I were to win the lottery, we’d find out where Grant is living and camp out on his lawn until he invited us in for a cup of eat and entheogens. I’m pretty sure that he’d turn the hose on us a couple times first but we’d be ok with that. Elias or I would have his sexy magic(k) nerd babies.


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